I create sculpture and functional objects primarily from used wood and steel. I aim to highlight the intrinsic beauty and history of the materials, so things like nail holes, gouges, burn marks, and old finishes become features of the pieces. My aesthetic is influenced by mid-century abstract sculpture, African tribal art, Japanese architecture, and the textures and colors of desert landscapes.

As a garden designer and botanist, I live in the conceptual realm of imagining spaces – and it is all very clean. As an artist, I work in the physical realm and experience the noises, the smells, and the dirt of the processes and it’s a delightful, if messy, change. One thing that carries over from my other work, however, is a sense of pragmatism; so my creations are often both sculptural and functional. Pieces like my garden benches and tables are obvious examples of a blended approach.

Some of my works even provide habitat for solitary native bees! These critical desert pollinators are solitary, passive, and safe to have around children and pets.  The habitats WILL NOT attract honeybees and killer bees.  Interested?  Click here for more information on native bees and their importance in our environment.

My art is available in Tucson at Harlow Gardens and in Phoenix at Practical Art on Central Avenue.  You can also buy direct from my studio on the west side of Tucson.  Please call or email for an appointment. Commissions are welcome!